The ACT government is looking to ban waste incineration for energy production.

The Government has responded to stiff community opposition to proposed projects in Canberra.

The Territory has published its new waste management policy 2020-2025.

“An important element of this policy is that it respects the waste hierarchy. Waste reduction, reuse and recycling of materials will take precedence over energy recovery applications. Thermal treatment of waste including, incineration, gasification and pyrolysis will not be permitted in the ACT,” the new waste policy says.

It comes after the ACT saw a number of proposals for such projects, which were met with major community backlash. Generally, residents are opposed because they fear the potential toxic pollution created by burning rubbish.

The ACT Government says there are better ways to manage waste in the ACT, such as an increased focus on waste minimisation.

The Government says it will still consider other forms of waste-to-energy technology, including the production of methane from the anaerobic digestion of biomass wastes.