The relationship between the Federal Government and their erstwhile political allies the Greens has deteriorated even further after Minister for Resources and Energy, Gary Gray, blasted the Green’s proposed blanket ban on all new coal seam gas exploration and production.  

Greens leader, Christine Milne, announced that the party would go to the September election with a policy for no new coal seam gas development.

"The Greens are the only party standing up to the big coal seam gas mining companies who are threatening our precious water, valuable farmland and global climate," Senator Milne said.

"Coal seam gas is methane which is a potent greenhouse gas and is leaking from wells and pipes. Not only that, coal seam gas threatens our land and groundwater, which underpins our regional communities and national food security.”

Mr Gray summed up the Federal Government’s dim view of the policy in describing it as an ‘absurd proposition’ that would curb the nation’s growth.

"Australia has abundant natural gas reserves - some are offshore; some are locked in coal and shale. All represent an abundant source of cleaner energy and wealth,” Mr Gray said.

"We need to ensure we are developing this resource in a careful and responsible way. Only then can we cut family bills by reducing energy costs in the home and in the workplace.

"It would be silly and counter productive to price our clean gas out of the market by green tape, wrong priorities and absurd suggestions from the Greens' for blanket bans on the coal seam gas (CSG) industry."