Safework NSW has launched a crackdown on ‘dirty dunnies’.

SafeWork Inspectors are visiting construction sites, targeting high-risk harms and the hygiene of site amenities including lunchrooms and toilets.

The authorities have described it as a sweep of “scrappy sites and dirty dunnies”, but their concerns are more than aesthetic.

“This blitz has been triggered by a series of serious incidents in the area and a number of complaints of unsafe work via our Speak Up app,” says NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson.

“In the middle of a pandemic, all workplaces have an obligation to undertake precautions to ensure the safety of everyone on their site – and that extends to common areas.”

Mr Anderson said cleanliness of a site can be a good indicator of safety and work standards.

“A safe construction site starts with a clean site and we’re seeing an unacceptable drop in housekeeping standards across the construction industry,” Mr Anderson said.

“Having a well-maintained site is also a good indicator of the quality of the work being done.

If the site managers cannot be bothered to take care of the toilets, it can be suggested that building standards will be haphazard as well.

“For those who don’t put safety first – you can expect a visit not only from SafeWork, but from our team of building inspectors, who will be looking into the quality of your work to make sure it’s up to NSW’s high standards,” Mr Anderson said.

“It’s high time every single construction site in NSW got the message - shoddy workmanship and lack of safety on site is not acceptable. Up your game, or you can look forward to attention from the regulator.”