The Tasmanian Government has outlined its planned changes to the state’s waste management scheme in this year’s state budget, with State Environment Minister Brian Wightman saying the Government will investigate the possibility of implementing a container deposit scheme as well as exploring the potential for a mine remediation centre of excellence.

Mr Wightman said that the State Government was committed to identifying effective and efficient solutions to reducing flows into the waste system.

“Waste management plays a crucial role in protecting Tasmania’s environment which in turn underpins our economy and lifestyle,” Mr Weightman said.

Mr Wightman said $50,000 funding was being allocated to undertake a cost-benefit study on a state-based Container Deposit system for Tasmania.

“Nationally there has been a lot of debate and discussion on the effectiveness of a variety of these programs as well as the economic costs that may be involved,” Mr Wightman said.

“We want to ensure that all the costs and benefits of container deposit programs are properly understood to inform the decisions we make around this issue.”

Mr Wightman said the study will build on existing work done by the State Government on feasible Container Deposit systems and provide information on the public and private investment requirements for a model scheme.

“The State Government will also provide $100,000 in 2013-14 to investigate the establishment of a Mine Remediation and Innovation Centre of Excellence.

“This funding will inform the decision making process on whether we can do even more for managing waste from historical and contemporary mining sites within Tasmania,” Mr Wightman said.

“New technologies are continually developing and we want to see if we can further improve and enhance our State environmental protection by having a centre dedicated to trialing and identifying innovative technologies in mine rehabilitation.”