With talk of the federal budget’s hamstring job on state governments, some local governments are at least a little bit pleased at what their states have managed to provide.

Public conflict can cost big companies in many ways, and new research shows how great that effect has been for one key economic driver.

Freight may be one of the few sectors looking optimistic after Budget night, with road, rail and sea transport all given a hand.

Workers and families already doing it tough have had their safety net replaced with a concrete slab.

One of Queensland’s main rail companies will ditch hundreds of workers in an effort to save $130 million.

China has signed a deal to build the first stage of a line that will cross several African nations.

The Queensland Government has put up its new blueprint for the future of mining, outlining the state’s intentions for the next thirty resourceful years.

A settlement has been reached in grumblings between Qube Logistics and Wimmera Container Line (WCL).

A wastewater treatment site in South Australia is looking to solve two problems with one high-tech fix.

Prospectors are being urged to take better safety precautions, after the suspected death of one missing man and a series of costly searches.

An important gap has been filled to enhance safety and equality at work sites of all kinds.

A new report has found the source of more than half of New South Wales bus fires.

The South Australian Transport Department is looking for a little bit more data before releasing its report into speed limits on country roads.

A key driver of the national economy could be brought to a halt, as West Australian tugboat workers consider damming iron ore exports with possible strike action.

The head of the Transport Workers Union has a recommendation which could deliver a better standard of politician.

The Queensland Government is pushing for a $16 billion coal development in the Galilee Basin.

The advance of solar energy is linked to the surfaces on which panels can be stuck, and a new project adds roads and highways to that list.

After years of delay, solar panels are back on the White House rooftop.

A new body has been set up to manage state-owned TAFE properties on a “commercial basis”.

States want it, manufacturers want it, but the Federal Government seems unlikely to set up a domestic gas reservation policy anytime soon.

An attempt to set up a fast-track for planning in the ACT is not going to quickly, with partisan bickering throwing the process into chaos.

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