Support for a federal anti-corruption commission appears to be growing.

Experts say a worst-case-scenario oil spill in the Great Australian Bight could reach as far as Port Macquarie in NSW.

Australian oil and gas giant Woodside wants a national carbon pricing scheme.

A new report details the major transformations underway for the global energy sector, driven largely by renewables.

A mining company has been fined $65,000 over the death of a worker in Western Australia.

Victoria has released its MoU with Beijing over the controversial One Belt One Road initiative.

Older employees may be prematurely exiting the workforce because they feel stereotyped by their age.

The Federal Government says it will block Hong Kong-based CK Group’s $13 billion buyout of gas pipeline operator APA Group.

Woodside Energy says it will extend the life of its North West Shelf beyond 2025.

The Prime Minister is announcing a $2 billion infrastructure financing facility for the Pacific.

Adani has bypassed the need for a full environmental impact assessment, against governmental advice.

BHP Billiton is being sued for about £5 billion by Brazilian victims of the Samarco dam collapse.

There are calls this week for an inquiry into the commercial extraction of water from the New South Wales Northern Rivers.

A runaway iron ore train has been deliberately derailed in WA's remote Pilbara region.

The Victorian Government wants to create hundreds of new jobs by bringing electric vehicle manufacturing to the region.

Researchers have grown bio-bricks from human urine.

Workers in the construction and transport industries experience high rates of traumatic spinal injuries.

Oil and gas giants will be hit with a $6 billion tax hike over the next decade.

Economists have warned Australia's thermal coal exports could plummet faster than expected.

Australian economists have modelled the transition to a world in which sustainable sources supply all our energy needs.

More banks have ruled out any role in funding Adani's contentious Carmichael coal project.

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